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The objective of the program is to educate participants with knowledge of advanced Excel tools using hands-on exercises that are relevant for accounting and finance professionals.

Program will enable the participants to apply those tools in their day to day work to prepare final accounts,  projecting financials, prepare budget reports and perform financial analysis to increase efficiency and productivity.

Key Benefits:

Learn using advanced Excel tools

Prepare Final Accounts using Pivot Tables

Project financial statements including key schedules

Perform financial statement analysis

Perform sensitivity and scenario analysis for Budget

Learn to record macros


Course Module

Advance Excel Applications

  • Data Handling
    • Entering and editing data
    • Data types
    • Entering and editing formulas
    • Absolute and relative cell referencing
    • Formula evaluation and editing
  • Working with a Worksheet
    • Moving and copying data across sheets
    • Copy and paste (including paste special)
    • Copying formulas using Auto Fill
    • Formula anchoring
  • Working with Functions
    • Basic structure of functions
    • IF and nested IFs
    • Conditional formatting
    • Data validation and creating drop down lists
    • INDEX and MATCH
    • Data table & sensitivity analysis
    • NPV and IRR
    • Time value of money functions
  • Advanced Functions
    • Working with large data sets (Sorting, Sub totals, Filtering)
    • Pivot tables
    • Goal seek
    • Basic macros recordings
  • Module 2 – Excel for Accounting & Finance Professionals
    • Preparing Final accounts from Trial Balance using Pivot Tables
    • Financial Forecasting
    • Income Statement (Revenue, Expenses, etc.)
    • Balance Sheet (Working Capital, Fixed Asset Schedule, etc.)
    • Cash Flow Statement
  • Financial Statement Analysis Tools
    • Ratio Analysis
    • Common sized financial statement analysis
    • Charting using Excel

Our facilitators are seasoned professionals

Who Should Attend

Finance managers, finance controllers, auditors, internal auditors, corporate finance professionals, budgeting managers, financial analysts, chartered accountants, equity analysts, finance graduates, private bankers, wealth managers and graduates or post graduates at the final stage of finishing their degree.


  • Get 15% discount, when you register before the course's start date.

How You Will Benefit

  • View, arrange and import data from other sources.
  • Leverage the power of formulae for data analysis.
  • Use PivotTables to analyze and present data.
  • Use graphics and conditional formatting to make your data clearer.
  • Protect data and forms.
  • Create and run macros to automate number-crunching.
  • Perform other Excel tasks and tricks that are useful in the business world.